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PCVITA Page Monitor empowers webmaster and overcome the concern related to website monitoring. The 24X7 FREE monitoring services monitor the configure web pages on a periodic basis. It checks for the following

  • Unavailability of website page.
  • HTTP 404 Error code.
  • Script attack on website page.
  • Page getting slower based on response time.

PCVITA Page Monitors provides the webmaster the ability to configure website page at granular level with the following

  • Website Page.
  • Monitoring Frequency.
  • Expected Response Time.
  • Alerts Notification.
  • Priority of the Page.
The granularity allows the webmaster to segregate the pages for monitoring based various parameters. Particularly the alert notifications. This allows the webmaster to ensure to get particular set of notifications instead of getting loads of notifications.

The notification that are sent as part of alerts are very specific and have very specific information such as what has changed in case content changes being monitored for the page. This allows the webmaster to verify what changes have been applied on the pages and it is same that was planned. The dashboard is the USP of PCVITA Page Monitor. It is rich and provides various aspects of the website monitoring life cycle. The following things are displayed on the dashboard

  • Daily Monitoring Status of Website Pages.
  • Response Time for the configured pages.
  • Weekly Monitoring Status.
This provides the webmaster with a unique way of getting to know how are the website pages doing without the need to generate the reports. PCITA Page Monitor does have the facility to generate the reports.

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